Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced faculties from diverse design backgrounds, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

Each member brings their unique skillset and perspective to the table, which enhances our collective ability to deliver quality design education to our students. Our team consists of individuals who have been trained in some of the top design schools around the world, and have worked in prestigious design firms and organizations.

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Mr. Devesh Waghela

Visual Communication, Head of the Department

Educational Qualifications : Devesh Waghela has a Bachelor's in Communication Design from NIFT, Kangra and a Master's in Mass Communication & Journalism from Amity University, Noida.

Professional Experience : Devesh has taught as a full-time faculty member for foundation design and visual communication design at several universities, including MSU, MRID, and Indus University. This experience has given him a solid understanding of the fundamentals of design and how to teach them effectively to students. He has also taught at coaching institutes like INIFD and Skyblue Design, indicating that he has experience teaching students of different skill levels and backgrounds.

Skills and Expertise : Devesh seems to have a diverse range of interests in the field of design and visual communication. His interest in teaching courses related to Elements of Design, Pace, Form, Structure, Graphic Designing, Advertising, Branding, Packaging Design, Photography, Interaction Design (UI/UX), Color Psychology, Publication Design, Visual Ergonomics, Infographics, Character Design, Visual Merchandising, Storyboarding, and Cinematography shows a comprehensive understanding of the different aspects of visual communication.

Ms. Abhilasha prajapati

Visual Communication (Assistant Faculty)

Educational Qualifications : Abhilasha Prajapati has a Bachelor's in Graphic Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (NID).

Professional Experience: Abhilasha has worked as a Graphic Designer on projects for CIS India, Nalli Silks and Jairangam theater festival before joining Khyati School of Design as a permanent faculty in Visual Communication Department. She has also conducted Handlettering workshops for Art for Charity and taken Digital Publishing courses for MAJMC Manipal University, Jaipur.

Abhilasha has a keen interest in teaching courses in Typography, Publication Design, Packaging and Print Production. She also teaches courses like Basics of Graphic Design, Elements of Design, Space form and structure, Drawing and Illustration as well as Color and form.

Viraj Dutt

Fashion & Costume Design (Assistant Faculty)

Educational Qualifications : Viraj Dutt has a Bachelor's in Fashion & Costume Design Design from UID, Ahmedabad.

Professional Experience : She has taught as a teaching faculty at KSD for the past Five years. Before starting her journey as a design educator, she has worked with Arvind Mills Santej ,Raymond Adani as a Designer.

Skills and Expertise :Viraj has a keen interest in teaching courses related to Nature, Human Figure and Analytical Drawing, Form and Model Making which are important to establish a sound foundation for any aspiring designer. She also teaches advanced courses in creating Patterns, Garment Construction, and Fashion Illustration across senior semesters.Her strengths include extensive knowledge of Surface Development, Embroidery and Fabric Dying.

Deepak Kumar

Fashion Designer

Educational Qualifications :Deepak kumar has a Bachelor's in fashion Design from NIFT, Gandhinagar Gujarat and MSc fashion design from ,Rajasthan

Professional Experience:Deepak Kumar, an NIFT Gandhinagar alumni, is a renowned fashion designer with exceptional skills. Recognized for his innovative designs, he received the prestigious NIFT award for creativity in 2014. With 8 years of teaching experience, he served as a faculty member at Unitedworld Institute of Design and Swarrnim University. Deepak's expertise spans both academia and industry, including his own successful brand. His multifaceted background contributes to his prominence in the fashion world.

Skills and Expertise (Can include subjects that you teach in Design):He imparts comprehensive education in technical subjects encompassing pattern making and garment construction, catering to women's, men's, and children's wear. With adept proficiency, he facilitates learning in design processes, Indian wear, and foundational design courses. His extensive involvement with diverse silhouettes and collaboration with renowned fashion designers of high acclaim solidify his expertise. In the realm of fashion education, he stands as an exemplary authority, nurturing the creative growth of aspiring designers across various domains with an illustrious portfolio of achievements.

Resheph Christian

Lifestyle Accessory Design ( HOD)

Educational Qualifications : Resheph Christian has a Bachelor’s in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessory Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal

Professional Experience : Resheph Christian started his Design education journey with UID back in 2015, post that he had been part of various design institutions as a guest faculty for Lifestyle accessories dept and Product Dept N.I.F.T Gandhinagar, C.E.P.T Ahmedabad and few more. In the beginning of 2018 Resheph Christian Co-founded KEPH Design studio, which focuses on the Lighting, Furniture, Home Accessories. His brand has been featured across various national & International publications like Architectural digest, Elle decor, Good Homes along with numerous others for their work in the fields of Furniture, Lighting, Stationery, etc. In the year 2023 one of the range of Vases designed by KEPH Designed studio was showcased at 1000 vases PARIS Design Week. In 2021 he joined as an HOD for the Product design Department at Khyati school of design and currently he is heading the Lifestyle accessories department.

Skills and Expertise : Resheph Christian Specializes as a Ceramic Designer, along with ceramics as his expertise he also has worked with multiple materials in his own practice and projects. Since past 7 years in his Design Education Experience he has focused more on experimenting with various styles of design process and focusing on the emotive experience generated through form in Design. Apart from Design he holds strong interest

Keyuri Bhargava

Product Design (Head of Department)

Educational Qualifications : Keyuri Bhargava has a bachelor’s degree in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessory Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal.

Professional Experience : Along with teaching at KSD, Keyuri is also the Co-founder of KEPH Design studio. An Ahmedabad based multi-disciplinary Product and Lifestyle design studio. Her brand has been featured across various national & International publications like Architectural digest, Elle decor, Good Homes along with numerous others for their work in the fields of Furniture, Lighting, Stationery, etc. One of their newly launched vases has recently been showcased under the curation of 1000 Vases in Paris during the Paris Design Week. Before starting her independent practice in the year 2018, she was associated with Unitedworld institute of Design, Gandhinagar as an Assistant faculty. She holds a diverse industry experience of working with reputed companies like Baggit India Private Ltd. and Wills Lifestyle, ITC in the past. Through the years, she has been exposing herself to various platforms of teaching including NIFT Gandhinagar, Unolona Academy Ahmedabad to communicate the nuances of design education to aspirants of all ages.

Skills and Expertise : Keyuri holds her niche in building a strong foundation in analytical thinking courses such as System Design, Ergonomics & Anthropometric study and Interaction design. Along with this, she deeply enjoys teaching courses that work on developing an understanding of User study like User centered design, Simple Product design, Techno-Aesthetic detailing. She holds her diverse expertise across departments, taking courses in Fashion and Trend forecasting along with skill-based modules such Handbags & Footwear design & development, and also Furniture & Lighting design practiced through the past years in her own practice.

Jayshree Goswami

Fashion and Costume Designer

Educational Qualifications : Jayshree Goswami has a Bachelor’s in Fashion and Costume Design from Khyati School of Design.

Professional Experience : Jayshree's background in the fashion industry, including a year of industrial experience with a renowned designer label and work in the slow fashion sector, has equipped her with invaluable knowledge and understanding of the industry's needs. As an educator, Jayshree effortlessly shares her expertise with her students, offering them practical insights that bridge the gap between academia and real-world application. Her diverse industry experience can provide invaluable guidance to aspiring professionals in the field.

Skills and Expertise : Jayshree possesses a range of skills and interests within the field of fashion. Her diverse knowledge spans fashion styling, fashion illustration, print development, and the history of fashion. Apart from her theoretical knowledge, she possesses a profound practical understanding of pattern making, and draping. Her unique interest lies in exploring crafts and documenting her work, effectively bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary aspects of fashion.

Bhargavi Modi

Fashion & Textile design

Educational Qualifications :Bhargavi Modi has a Bachelor's in Textile Design from MSU, Baroda and a Master's in Clothing & Textiles from MSU, Baroda.

Professional Experience:Bhargavi has taught as a full-time faculty member for fashion design and Textile design at several universities & Institutes, including MSU, University of Zambia ( South Africa), Indus University and L.J University. This 10 years of experience has given her a wise experience to teach design students effectively. She has also taught at Various Known institutes of Baroda & Ahmedabad like INIFD Baroda and Amor Design at Ahmedabad. This experience made her a pro at students' level of understanding.

Skills and Expertise (Can include subjects that you teach in Design):Bhargavi seems to have a deep inclination in the field of Fashion & Textile design. Her core interest in teaching courses related to Elements of Design & Textile, Surface embellishments,

Eshita Soni

foundation design and visual communication design

Educational Qualifications :Eshita Soni has a Bachelor's in Commerce from Tolani Commerce College, Specialization In Digital marketing from IIM Indore and Specialization in Brand Strategy from IIM Bangalore .

Professional Experience : Eshita has taught as a Visiting faculty member for foundation design and visual communication design and commerce students at several universities, including Tolani Commerce college {kutch}, Parul university {vadodara}, Khyati Foundation {ahmedabad} This experience has given him a solid understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing and how to teach them effectively to students.

Skills and Expertise : Eshita Soni's expertise in digital marketing encompasses a range of subjects, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to enhance online visibility, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for targeted campaigns, Social Media Marketing (SMM) for effective brand engagement, Email Marketing for customer outreach, Content Marketing to create valuable content, and Analytics for data-driven insights, collectively providing a comprehensive understanding of modern digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Ravi Chaudhary

Fashion and Textile Designer

Educational Qualifications :Ravi Chaudhary has a Bachleor’s in Fashion and Textile Design from NIFT, Gandhinagar.

Professional Experience : Ravi's exceptional skills in the field of visual merchandising, with an impressive eight years of industry experience, he has successfully worked with some of India's top brands. Additionally, his expertise has been recognized through his guest and visiting faculty roles at prestigious universities like NIFT Gandhinagar and MIT Pune. Ravi has also actively participated in various retail exhibitions and space design endeavors, further showcasing his commitment to excellence.

Skills and Expertise : With a strong command over the design process, retail promotion, branding, fashion styling, training, and skill development, Ravi brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His deep understanding of materials and extensive experience in visual merchandising make him an invaluable asset. Additionally, Ravi's interest in technical aspects such as Corel Draw showcases his well-rounded abilities.


Textile Technology & Engineering

Educational Qualifications :B. E. Textile Technology from MSU, Baroda. Certificate course in Fashion Designing (1 year) from EVA School of Designing, Baroda. Diploma in Textile Technology: Textile Technology & Engineering from MSU, Baroda.

Professional Experience :Apart from her teaching experience, Rimpal has a wealth of experience in the textile industry. She has worked at ATIRA (Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association) in Ahmedabad, where she served as a textile designer, educator, trainer, and researcher. Additionally, she has worked as a freelancer with Jupiter Creations. Team member GRAFAX Textiles Pvt. Ltd.Nagpur and worked as an visiting faculty at NIFT Gandhinagar. With her diverse background and expertise in the field, Rimpal brings valuable insights and knowledge to her work.

Skills : Rimpal possesses a key skill in imparting and conducting CAD training programs for students from various Diploma-Degree Colleges and professionals from different textile-garment factories. Her expertise extends to woven design, print design, Photoshop, InDesign, and draping. With her extensive knowledge in these areas, Rimpal is able to provide comprehensive training and guidance to individuals seeking to enhance their skills in the textile and garment industry. Her proficiency in CAD software enables her to effectively teach students and professionals alike, equipping them with the necessary tools to excel in their respective fields.

Jay Mistry

Textile Technology & Engineering

Educational Qualifications :Interior design with applied architecture B-arch Running.

Professional Experience :Jay Mistry has taught as a full time assistant faculty member for interior design students at Silver oak institute of design. Also he owns IQONIQ ARCHITECTS & INTERIORS from the last 4 years. He is a detail oriented interior designer with 4 years of experience. Having a good position in an organization to explore a challenging environment that offers professional growth while using their skills and abilities.

Skills : Jay seems to have a diverse range of interest in the field of interior design. His interest in teaching courses related to Space planning, furniture design, Materials studies, 3dSoftwares, Elements of design, working drawings & hands-on workshop shows a comprehensive understanding of the different aspects of interior design.